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Basics, from Blender to 3D Print


Produce the very first model, and export it from Blender to a 3D Printer

First steps

It is meaningful to know the basic transformations of Blender to produce this model. But in the video also appears the keypress of each transformation, plus it is a very short introduction in order to learn basics.

This is printed with a Creality CR 10, PLA, at a temperature of: 190 Nooze temperature, 50 for the bed.


With this we can encourage ourselves to produce further changes, create our own hooks and may be produce other models with other purposes.

I like to think about this model as the very "Hello World" in 3D printing from Blender. I hope you enjoy this video and all the best in your following creations !

Link to my designs at Thingiverse: My things

Link to this particular design: Hook