Frogger Game Clone


For Udacity Front End Nanodegree we needed to build a frogger clone game.

Udacity provided assets and rendering engine. The challenge here was to create player and enemies, the game logic and colissions between the bugs and the player.

Also we needed to make it work in 60 fps creating those objects needed. In order to achieve this we need to work with prototype so we can actually create what the player or the enemy without having a great waste on memory.

The final results are very nice. This is the picture of it, and you can play with it in here. In the future I will improve this game a bit more.

How arcade frogger clone game looks like

The repo for this game is here is here


We can create a little game without any framework only using canvas, but it is important to be carefull with expensive operations during the animation. Also it is nice to see the correct use of prototype and to check how to inherit what I need to not produce that expensive operation during the creation of the elements that involves the game.


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