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Comparison ExpressJs vs FastifyJs


Comparison Express and Fastify frameworks, consider the use case for each framework.


The both of them are great frameworks, summarizing the use cases for each one I would say that fastify:

  • Schema validation out of the box
  • This validation is a common factor in many APIs and this could help to provide a more homogeneus solution cross APIs
  • Claims to have a good performance in general, but I was not able to measure this point
  • Provides logging out of the box
  • Extensible using Hooks, but pay attention that this belongs to lifecycle and then any change in this regards could impact a product implementation
  • Extensible using Decorators, but pay attention to when and how to use them in each use case, in order to not have an impact in maintanability on the product
  • Extensible using Plugins, fastify claims to have a good community and source of plugins. This is a rich aspect.
  • Is developer friendly, because taking away common problems with configuration makes the develop to focus on solving particular needs of the business.

Express Js:

  • Very mature, first commit of this framework was in 2009
  • Huge community and middlewares that can help to solve common problems
  • Extensible using middlewares
  • In some use cases could have more work than fastify. I believe configs of fastify helps a lot here.
  • The same logs could be provided to Express as in fastifyJs
  • Very flexible and easy to use
  • So much flexibility can come with the need of extra effort to make things similar and homogeneus accross several APIs